The storage of small parts falls largely into 3 categories – goods stored using shelving, containers and small parts cabinets.

Standard shelving systems can be supplied with a range of standard accessories to provide separation and containment of smaller goods.

Part and full-height shelf dividers provide flexible divisions in the length of the shelf and can be combined with bin fronts to contain smaller items. Pull-out drawers can also be incorporated into standard shelving complete with adjustable drawer dividers.

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There is a vast range of types and sizes of container, from very economical cardboard bins through to bespoke steel containers for special applications. Most often, the ideal solution falls in the middle ground, using durable plastic containers.

Plastic trays are frequently used with shelving systems to provide dense and accessible storage / picking solutions. Trays can be supplied to suit standard shelf depths and maximise available shelf width.

Alternatively, plastic storage bins are also available which can be mounted on special louvered panels or incorporated into shelving systems.

For larger items or volumes, plastic totes are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and constructions.

Small Parts Cabinets
Parts cabinets provide a highly efficient method for storing small goods whilst maintaining a very high level of accessibility.

Steel cabinets are fitted with pull-out drawers which can be sub-divided to produce the ideal location to suit the specific goods.

High value goods can be stored securely by providing lockable drawers and cabinets.

Storage Logic are able to supply a wide range of standard containers of all types, as well as bespoke containers designed specifically for individual applications.



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