There are two main aspects of protection products available, firstly for protecting storage (and other) equipment from impact damage and secondly for segregating pedestrians from potentially dangerous equipment or machinery.

Equipment Protection
Damage caused to storage systems by mechanical handling equipment can mean costly and disruptive repairs being required. Accidental impact can also cause dangerous damage to structures. To minimise these risks, Storage Logic provide a range of specially developed products for economical and effective solutions.

Upright Guards
Upright guards are easily fitted to exposed frame sections and are a low cost solution to protect against minor impact damage.

Floor Mounted Guards
Guards fixed to the floor slab independent of the racking structure provide a durable option however account needs to be taken of clearances within the storage bays and operating aisles.

Rack End Barriers
Exposed ends of racks and drive-through bays are often at highest risk of impact from mechanical handling equipment turning into the aisles. It is also common to have goods stacked at the ends of racks bringing the risk of damage if the rack end is unprotected.

Low level ‘inertia’ barriers include special sprung fixings to absorb impact

Tubular barriers can be fabricated to varying heights and in a range of tube sizes to best suit the particular requirement.

Pedestrian Barriers
Providing separate, protected access routes for pedestrians through areas where machinery or mechanical handling equipment operates is always a sensible precaution. Barriers can range from light duty railing systems though to heavy duty constructions depending on the equipment in use and level of protection required.

Special Applications
Beyond the standard products available, we can also design and fabricate special protective systems to suit any application. An example of this is shown below where special floor channels are fitted to drive-in racking with haevy duty ‘lead-in’ sections.




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