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Adjustable pallet racking is the most common and economical form of pallet racking, with the major advantage of 100% access to each pallet location.

Narrow Aisle installations minimise the width of truck aisle to provide dense storage whilst retaining 100% access to each location.

Double Deep racking provides increased storage capacity by reducing the number of truck aisles whilst retaining the simplicity of adjustable pallet racking.

Rack-supported floors provide open space or access aisles at raised levels with the racks forming the support structure for the floor.

Drive-In  racking is the natural choice where maximum storage density is needed for large numbers of identical loads.

Pushback racking allows multiple pallets to be put away and retrieved from the same rack face, providing dense and accessible storage.

HD Racking is constructed from heavy duty hot rolled profiles to produce maximum strength and durability – ideal for yard and building product storage.

Pallet Live storage uses special sloping tracks to produce first-in, first-out pallet flow through the storage block.

Crane racking used in automated warehousing installations provides high density storage with advanced handling technology. Rack clad installations use the racking structure as integral part of the building iteslf.

Mobile pallet racking minimises the number of aisles required with racks mounted on special powered mobile bases.

Where mechanical handling equipment is being used, consideration should be given to protection of pedestrians and to the storage equipment. The section on protection gives details on a range of products for this purpose.

Storage Logic are also able to offer rack assessment surveys and carry out repairs and alterations to all types of racking.



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