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Maintaining 100% direct accessibility to each pallet location, narrow aisle racking provides a very compact storage option by minimising the operating aisle width between racks.

The aisle is frequently only marginally wider than the pallet itself, made possible by the use of specially developed mechanical handling equipment and in-aisle guidance.

Mechanical Handling Equipment
To operate within such narrow aisles, special mechanical handling equipment is required, fitted with some form of in-aisle guidance system.

Due to the popularity of this form of pallet racking, availability of handling equipment designed specifically for narrow aisle operation is very good and trucks are able to lift to considerable heights to maximise the use of available headroom.

Physical guidance can be provided for the trucks by steel angle sections fitted to one or both sides of the aisle along which guidewheels on the fork truck run. At aisle entry positions, guide-in sections are fitted to facilitate entry to the aisle, and the first section of rail is strengthened to withstand the increased impact loads from truck alignment.

Wire guidance provides electronic guidance for the fork trucks, the wire fitted within channels in the floor slab. Being flush fitted into the floor removes any obstacles to facilitate cross-aisles and pedestrian routes across the storage area.

At Storage Logic we are able to provide a complete service including aisle guidance and are experienced in working alongside the truck suppliers to ensure a successful total system installation.

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