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Mobile shelving provides very compact storage by minimising the number of aisles required to access the shelving. This can nearly double the storage capacity in a certain floor area. A further benefit of mobile bases is the ability to close up and lock banks of bases thereby protecting the contents from unauthorised access.

Shelving is mounted on specially designed mobile bases which run on floor-mounted tracks. Tracks can be set into the floor slab or on top of the slab in which case infill sections are used to provide a smooth floor surface between the tracks (ramp sections are then fitted between infill floor edges and the lower floor level).

For applications in offices, light duty systems are available which simply sit on the floor (including raised access floors) and have infill flooring between tracks. These can be easily and quickly installed and relocated as required.

Industrial applications are generally designed for heavier duty use and incorporate more robust bases, tracks and shelving. Ideally the tracks are installed inset into the floor slab to provide a smooth floor surface, however where this is not possible, infill floor sections can be used with ramps at the access edges.

Bases are moved by either pull handles for light loads or handwheel systems with geared drives to reduce the required effort to move bases. Electrically operated bases provide the ultimate solution for ease of use.

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