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Mezzanine floors (also called raised storage areas) are usually freestanding independent steel structures used to increase floor area within industrial, commercial and retail units. The floor space created can be used for a vast range of activities including bulk storage, racking and shelving, production space and for the creation of office space.

The floor design needs to take account of the specific use of the floor and especially any high loads which may be placed on the floor area. Storage Logic have many years of experience in the design of all types of floors from light duty storage and office space through to special purpose floors for heavy plant and machinery, access gantries and maintenance platforms.

The floor structure typically consists of steel box section columns supporting universal beam sections. ‘C’ section steel joists span between the beams, normally running in the depth of the beam to minimise floor depth but can also be oversailing where cantilevers are required to reach over obstructions or into recesses. Decking is fixed to the joists and the installation completed with accessories including stairs, handrails and pallet gates.

High density particleboard (often referred to as chipboard) provides the most common and economical decking, providing a strong and durable flooring which can be supplied with a variety of surface finishes - anti-slip and cleanable surface being the most common. Other decking types include steel patterned plate and open steel grating which provide very durable flooring whilst also incorporating anti-slip properties.

Each mezzanine floor is specifically designed to suit the individual requirements for floor height, loadings and column positions. The design is usually a balance between the desire for minimal columns with the loads imposed on the floor slab.

Storage Logic are dedicated to ensuring that construction is carried out safely and efficiently at every stage.

Nedcon System
Nedcon manufacture a system of cold-formed profiles and connectors which can be used to construct floor structures. Please contact us for more information on this system.

Associated Services
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Statutory Approvals
The installation of a mezzanine floor normally requires approval under Building Regulations, involving the provision of information relating to the structural design of the floor as well as site specific details such as the floor slab design and fire strategy. Storage Logic have extensive experience of dealing with these types of application on behalf of our clients. Click here for more information…

Most floors also include accessories such as staircases, handrailing and pallet loading gates. Click here for more details of these products…..

Fire Protection
To comply with the Building Regulations, fire protection to the floor structure is frequently required. Click here for more details….



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