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A very common requirement for mezzanine floors of all types – whether for storage or offices – is the provision of fire protection to the structure. This is normally specified as either 30 minute or 60 minute protection, both of which can be easily and economically achieved using readily available products.

Columns can be protected using pre-fabricated cases. These are delivered to site already cut to length and simply fit around the column with a snap-together fixing to hold them securely in place. These are available in galvanised or white finish.

Suspended Ceiling
To protect the underside of the floor structure, the simplest option is to install a suspended ceiling. A number of ceiling grids and tiles are available which have been specifically developed and tested to achieve 30 or 60 minute fire protection for mezzanine floors.

A major benefit is that the ceiling also provides an aesthetic appearance and provides an ideal option where offices are being installed below the floor.

Exposed edges of the floor structure can be protected with fire rated fascia. These use readily available board materials and can be plain or decorated as required.

Lights and services
Where a fire rated ceiling or fascia is fitted, it is important to consider the impact of installing lighting and other services. Any fittings or services which breach the protection barrier need to be suitable for this use or separately protected. There is a range of products available to cover and protect such fittings which can be incorporated into the design.


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