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Drive-in pallet racking provides an efficient, dense storage solution especially suitable where large numbers of identical goods are being stored and block stacking is not possible due to stability or crushing limitations. By reducing the number of aisles required, storage capacity can be increased by up to 80% compared to conventional pallet racking.

Pallets are stored on special cantilevered rails running in the depth of the racking. This allows the fork lift truck to drive into the storage lanes to deposit and collect pallets.

Every configuration of drive-in racking is individually designed for the specific pallet criteria and block layout required. Advanced software is used to optimise the structure to produce a safe design and maximum economy.

It is vital that the pallet construction and condition are suitable for drive-in racking, and account also needs to be taken of the specific fork lift truck being used to ensure safe and workable clearances are provided in the design process.

Although not always necessary, consideration should be given to providing protection to the racking structure. Guidance within the racking can also be incorporated using heavy duty angle and channel profiles within the storage lanes, fitted with sturdy lead-in sections.

Storage Logic are the official UK agent for Nedcon advanced storage products - click here to see more details of the drive-in system.


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