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Increased storage density can be achieved by using adjustable pallet racking in a double-deep configuration, reducing the number of aisles in the installation. Accessibility to individual pallet locations is naturally reduced in this type of racking.

Mechanical Handling Equipment
To handle the pallets in this type of racking, fork lift trucks fitted with either telescopic or pantograph forks are used enabling the rear pallet location to be accessed. Consideration needs to be given to the precise positioning of the rear pallet as visibility for the truck driver is naturally restricted.

Double deep racking can be constructed from standard adjustable pallet racking by simply positioning two racks back to back.

Nedcon have also developed a special double-deep pallet support system to provide greater clearance below the pallet for the extended fork operation, whilst also having support in the full depth of the rack.

Click here to see details of the Nedcon pallet racking system and accessories available from Storage Logic.


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