Carton live storage provides an efficient system for developing storage and picking solutions for small to medium sized boxed goods. It is ideal for creating efficient order picking, with the goods moving along gently sloping tracks to automatically replenish the picking face.

Stock rotation is on a first-in, first-out basis and back-up stock is held behind the current pick-location.

Special tracks housing closely-spaced glidewheels support the boxes and allow them to move smoothly under gravity. The precise angle of the tracks can be adjusted to suit the type and weight of cartons, and the number of tracks beneath cartons as well as the type of track can be tailored to the specific application.

tracks house closely spaced glidewheels

To facilitate picking, adjustable picking trays can be fitted to the face of the system in a range of sizes. This allows the picking heights and presentation of cartons to be optimised to maximise efficiency

adjustable picking trays ease access to cartons

Carton live storage can also be retro-fitted to many existing storage systems.

Click here for more details on the Nedcon carton live storage product.


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