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The installation of a mezzanine floor in most cases requires approval under the Building Regulations, and the implications of this need to be carefully considered at every stage of the project. Some of the main aspects of the approval process are discussed below, however it is important to remember that the interpretation of the regulations can vary considerably from area to area and specific local requirements can also be involved.

Early contact with the relevant authorities can prove very valuable in understanding the likely requirements for a successful application and avoid costly changes at a later stage of the project.

Structural Calculations
Full structural design calculations are provided for the floor structure and any handrail or staircases etc. included in the installation. These are provided for checking as part of the approval to ensure any intended structure meets the relevant standards.

Slab Loadings
The design of the floor slab of the building will need to be confirmed and calculations provided to prove that the additional loads imposed by the mezzanine floor columns can be safely accommodated. Full details of the floor structure are required including the concrete slab and also the make-up of the ground beneath it. This information can prove difficult to obtain in older buildings and in extreme cases core samples may need to be taken and assessed.

Fire Strategy
Fire strategy is another key aspect of the application with the Local Authority and Fire Department to ensure that sufficient means of escape and fire detection / protection are in place. This will need to be considered in conjunction with the overall fire strategy of any building. Issues considered frequently include fire protection to the structure, escape routes from the floor, fire detection, alarm and fighting equipment and sprinkler installations.

Most applications are relatively routine, however it is important to be aware that it can take a number of weeks for the application to be progressed.

Ideally full approval is obtained prior to any manufacturing or installation commencing however where project deadlines dictate, installation can commence prior to receiving approval with the client providing indemnity against any changes that may be required to achieve approval. The experience of Storage Logic with these types of project is crucial in minimising the risk of subsequent problems obtaining approval.

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