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Adjustable pallet racking is the most common form of pallet racking, used in almost every industry for a massive range of goods and applications. The combination of economy and flexibility and 100% direct accessibility to each stored pallet location means it can be used for practically any storage and picking operation.

The system consists of two main components, frames and beams. Frames are formed from cold rolled steel section uprights, braced in pairs to form rigid and lightweight frames. Uprights are pierced on the front face to locate the storage beams which consist of rectangular formed steel sections fixed to the uprights using hooked connectors.

Beam connectors are fitted with safety pins to prevent accidental dislodgement.

Uprights and beams are available in a wide range of section profiles, steel grades and thicknesses to enable the system design to be optimised for each application.

The connector design means that beam heights can be adjusted to cope with operational changes. Being a fully bolted construction also means that alterations and repairs to the system are possible.

A range of standard and bespoke accessories are available to produce the optimum storage system for all types of goods, including timber and steel decking panels and pallet support bars for storing goods requiring additional support. Further accessories are available for special types of goods such as drums and coils, hanging garments, stillages and steel cages.

To reduce the risk of damage to storage equipment, we are also able to supply protective guards and barriers – click here for more details.

Click here to see details of the Nedcon pallet racking system and accessories available from Storage Logic.


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