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Any exposed edge of a floor needs to have a secure barrier fitted as a critical safety issue and strict regulations apply to the design and strength of handrails. Even more stringent regulations apply where members of the public have access. The style and appearance of the handrail ranges from basic functional steel systems through to elaborate architectural and feature designs for special applications.


The type of staircase required can vary from basic industrial stairs through to architectural feature stairs. The most common construction uses steel stringers, handrails and treads with tread widths of 800 to 1000mm. Wider stairs as well as special finishes and details can be fabricated to suit any application, from storage floors to feature office and retail types.


Pallet Gates

Pallet loading gates provide a safe and economical method for moving goods onto and off mezzanine floors. The ‘up-and-over’ style is the most common, providing a simple and safe method of maintaining a barrier to the floor edge.

Swing gates, slide-back gates and a variety of raising access systems can also be supplied to suit the operation and available space / headroom.

Conveyors / Chutes / Lifts / Ramps
Access to and from floors can also be provided by conveyors and goods lifts which can be designed to suit a wide variety of goods sizes and loads. In addition, sloping access ramps can be formed to enable wheeled and pedestrian access.

Goods chutes can also be provided as an economical method of passing goods down from upper levels.


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